What is Jazz?

Jazz is an American dance form which extends from modern dance technique. It is highly energetic and technical encompassing a broad range of styles including lyrical jazz, street jazz, funk and pop dance.

It is an enjoyable dance form which allows students to find their own voice through movement. The Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing Jazz awards are a collection of routines performed to popular music designed to encourage performance skills and prepare students for the styles of dance seen in West End and Broadway shows as well as music videos and TV.

Jazz Awards

These classes are fun and energetic and are suitable for dancers extending their modern technique as well as newcomers and late starters. The awards are levelled as bronze, silver and gold and students who show enthusiasm and good progression with technique are offered the chance to take exams for these awards.

Exams are not compulsory but silver and gold can only be taken after passing the bronze jazz award or Intermediate modern. The aims of the jazz awards are:

  • to learn and develop jazz dance techniques
  • to improve co-ordination, balance, flexibility and strength
  • to promote awareness of the body in space
  • to develop a range of different styles and performance skills
  • to develop musicality and rhythm
  • to gain confidence through performance and have fun